Monday, October 18, 2010

Reflections of a scrap nerd

Over at Scrap Attack Scrapbooking the following question was asked:

Do you ever feel silly sometimes being the only one with a camera if you are out with others who are not scrappers?

And I have to say that sometimes I do. Sometimes I care too much about what other people think of me. That I might be perceived as strange or a nuisance. And yet, it has not stopped me from taking shots of my food in restaraunts, or pulling the car over to get a cool shot. The scrapbooker comes out and I think of the perfect LO I can do with those shots, planning pages as soon as I take the photos.

I love my hobby, love being able to let my creativity run wild. Oh and getting to play with fancy office supplies (I've always loved office/school supplies. Getting a fun pen or highlighter always made me happy) I love to be able to look back at my pages and see the details, the time I put into it.

But deep down sometimes I wonder what those around me are thinking. They probably don't even notice what I'm doing and if they do, it's nothing illegal, nothing to be ashamed about. Yet I have sacrificed photo-ops before because of those around me, hearing snide comments or getting funny looks. And then I always regret not getting the photos. It doesn't help that I'm not around other scrapbookers (or even those who understand) very often. My family doesn't scrap and I have a couple friends who kinda scrap. They aren't into it like I am, so I don't think they even fully understand. But, it shouldn't matter who I am around. I do this for me and I should be the one who matters most.

This is definitely something I am working on, not caring so much and being oblivious to the comments and looks. I am working on living a life with no regrets and this seems to be an easy place to start!

So maybe I'm not such a scrap nerd after all...


  1. Do you ever feel silly sometimes being the only one with a camera if you are out with others who are not scrappers?

    I'd feel naked without my camera! I've had people approach me and ask if I'd take their picture when they see me snapping dozens of shots of my own. Little do they

    I say, go for it!

  2. I feel the same way sometimes Em. In fact, I probably SHOULD start carrying my camera more often. It might help if I had a good p & S along with my Digital Rebel, that way it doesn't feel like I'm a camera crew or something. Just started following your blog, loving it so far. Grats on your design team assignment! =)