Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rough End to 2010, Rough Beginning to 2011

I have not been on here to update in so long. As type, I'm at my Aunt's house in CA, borrowing the computer for a few minutes to try and catch up on everything.

Dec was a rough month for me. Towards the beginning of the month, I was in the hospital with pneumonia. Right before Christmas my camera died (had a new one ordered from Best Buy. Ordered it on Black Friday and it didn't come until just after Christmas...GRRRR.....) And I got strep. I seem to be prone to strep and the last time I got it (in Oct) I was told that my tonsils would be taken out the next time. Dec 22 I went to the Dr and got put on antibiotics. Christmas night my mom took me to the ER because I was no better and my tonsils were pretty much stuck together. The next day I was in surgery having a tonsilectomy. Unfortunately, I had to stay a couple days in the hospital because of some bleeding. I got out just in time to celebrate my dad's birthday and go out of town to see my wonderful scrappy/hockey buddy Jenn. Spent New Year's having a blast with her, which was good because when my dad picked me up from the airport he told me we were flying out to CA today because my grandfather had passed away. So now I'm gone again for a few days dealing with family who don't like me and a funeral. To top all this off, while I was in the hospital the 2nd time, the drs noticed that my blood counts were off, more than they should be for someone fighting off an infection. Now I am anemic and have to do blood transfusions every 4-5 months. But my counts were so abnormal that the drs want me to schedule appts for testing and all sorts of not fun stuff as soon as I get back to CO. So this will mean even more time in the hospital and clinics, hoping that it is nothing more than the anemia I already have...

Can I restart this year?? Pretty please??


  1. Oh EM! {{{HUGS}}} I hope things take a turn for the better soon. :(

  2. Wow Em...I was wondering how you were. I haven't been on ACOT in months.

    I'm so sorry about all you've been going through. I sure hope things start to look up for you soon.

    What part of CA are you in? I'd love to take you to lunch! (Get you away from the fam for a couple of hours.) I live about 45 mins north of San Francisco.

    Let me know! (Use my eml addr in ACOT)

    Signing my name with a different user name than ACOT.. but it's Sue. (The one who shares your bday.) ;-)

  3. I'm sorry you have been having such a hard year, I hope it gets better for you!